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As the largest private oncology practice in California, cCARE’s full-service treatment options are backed by the latest research and clinical trials. In fact, we also conduct our own clinical trials.

Why refer your cancer patients: Care beyond treatment

Caring physicians. Caring for people.

The fight against cancer requires more than just medicine. This includes approaching treatment as a team, timely follow-ups, addressing immediate concerns, providing compassionate support and more.

We offer a full suite of cancer treatments, rivaling elite medical centers but in a more relaxing environment with attention to soothing your patients’ understandable anxiety about dealing with cancer. Our state-of-the-art facilities and treatments include radiation, chemotherapy, cancer surgery and support services like palliative care, pain management and more.

Why Refer to cCARE Patient Testimonials

Making doctor referrals to our oncologists

If you would like your patient to be seen by a physician at cCARE, please complete the doctor referral form below. After a doctor referral is made, your patient will be contacted by a member of our New Patient Department to set up an appointment.

We accept most major insurance including HMOs, PPOs, Medicare and Medi-Cal.

You can complete the form online or fax your referral to our New Patient Coordinator. Please call the New Patient Coordinator if you have any questions.

Fresno fax: 559-326-1228

Fresno New Patient Coordinator phone: 559-326-1905

San Diego fax: 858-251-1528

San Diego New Patient Coordinator phone: 858-753-6446