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Rewriting the cancer story, together

Referring patients to cCARE means choosing complete, compassionate and truly collaborative care for your patient. We will partner with your practice to create a strong care team that will do everything possible to help your patient become a cancer survivor.

Expert hematology & cancer care

California Cancer Associates for Research and Excellence’s (cCARE’s) expert team of board-certified physicians makes up the largest private oncology and hematology practice in California. We offer a full suite of treatment options such as oncology, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, infusion, imaging, neurosurgery, specialized screening programs, complementary/integrative medicine and others.

Moreover, our research and clinical trials incorporate novel treatment approaches to improve patient outcomes.

Cancer care beyond treatment

We believe that cancer treatment is more than just medicine. It’s also about compassion, prevention and wellness during a stressful and emotional time for patients. It’s this compassionate approach – including our survivorship services and palliative care – that helps make us California’s premier cancer center.

Collaboration for the best outcomes when you refer patients

Our physicians and cancer care team work together closely with our patients, their loved ones, your practice and other providers throughout the patient’s recovery. We are committed to open communication, full-bodied support and coordinated care.

Big center expertise, small & personal touch

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While our treatments rival those at huge medical centers, we offer a more relaxing and personable environment and approach to cancer care. Everything we do is attuned to each patient’s individual needs and to calming your patient’s understandable anxiety about dealing with cancer.This includes making every step as easy as possible, such as providing physician dispensing services and hematology services at several locations, so patients can get everything they need for their care on-site. We also tailor our administrative interactions to the individuals we serve, offering convenient and secure online communications, including a patient portal, telehealth virtual visits and online bill pay.

Faces of victory: our cancer survivors

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