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Our Mission

cCARE Connects Foundation builds bridges between patients, donors and members of our community to enhance quality of life through support services for patients and their families.

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About the cCARE Connects Foundation

We recognize that together through compassion, support and commitment, a few caring people can change the world. Seeing the daily burdens our patients face while battling cancer, blood disorders and other diseases, the Foundation was created to be a support in reclaiming quality of life.

Donate to cCARE Connects Foundation

Every dollar of your tax-deductible donation to cCARE Connects Foundation goes toward funding support of the Foundation’s mission. Your donation is carefully stewarded to provide supportive services. Thank you for your support.

cCARE Connects Foundation supports cCARE’s longstanding reputation for excellence

Quality patient care involves more than cCARE’s high-tech facilities and the latest medications. That’s why cCARE has always placed enormous emphasis on developing meaningful relationships between patients, their families and those providing care. cCARE’s group of nearly 30 doctors are personally invested in each patient and boasts a range of expertise spanning the full scope of cancers and hematologic disorders.

Where Donations Go

Your donations make a variety of important services and programs possible and ensure that cCARE Connects Foundation can continue to provide the excellent comfort care and support our patients and their families rely on.

Donations help fund diagnostic equipment, warm blankets, cancer education and research, and transportation needs are just a few of the visions we have been able to realize through philanthropic support.

Donations to the Foundation may be directed to a specific program or service or directed to “area of where most needed.” Gifts may also be made in honor of a family member or friend, in memoriam or honoring a staff member through our Grateful Patient Program. In any case, your funds are ensuring the ongoing provision of excellent health care and services for all cCARE patients.


Our Vision

cCARE Connects links compassionate donors, organizations and service providers to support patients and their families in their journey to healing and recovery.

Become a Volunteer

The cCARE Connects Foundation Volunteer Program is designed to assist cCARE patients during their treatment. From guiding patients to the exam room to getting them coffee to just being there to listen, our volunteers are an extension of cCARE’s “Caring for People” standard. Please fill out this application if you are interested in dedicating your time and energy to positively impact a patient’s day.



The cCARE Connects Foundation board of directors


Marvell French, cCARE Connects Foundation Chairperson

Marvell French

Market President/EVP, Premier Valley Bank, Central Valley, California
cCARE Connects President
As Foundation President of cCARE Connects, Ms. French’s passion and commitment are invested in fundraising and furthering the mission of this great Foundation. Also battling leukemia (CLL), she strives to leave a legacy and make a difference by connecting our communities, donors, patients and families.

Dr. Leonard Hackett | Medical Oncologist | cCARE, CA

Dr. Leonard Hackett

cCARE Medical Oncologist
cCARE Connects Treasurer
Dr. Hackett believes in taking every opportunity to help patients be the best they can be each day; that’s why he serves on the cCARE Connects board. He helps board members identify patients’ and families’ needs.

Dr. Nancy Hager, cCARE Connects Foundation Board Member

Dr. Nancy Hager

Clinical Psychologist
cCARE Connects Board Member
A licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Hager received her post doctoral internship training in clinical psychological testing and assessment, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment of active duty military members and their families at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD. She is passionate about cCARE Connects Foundation because she has personally seen patients survive when brilliant people have dedicated themselves to cancer research and to clinical oncology, and when care teams refuse to give up on people in their care.

Dr. Anantanarayan Padmanabhan, Retired Medical Oncologist and cCARE Connects Board Member

Dr. Anantanarayan Padmanabhan

Retired Medical Oncologist
cCARE Connects Board Member
“Dr. Pad” retired in 2015 after serving Fresno for 38 of his 41 years of practice, including 21 years with cCARE. Passionate about his patients and their needs, Dr. Pad even went to court against Medicare and won. His experience includes fundraising and volunteering through North Fresno Rotary, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Central California SPCA. He was also involved in the Patient Education and Support Group, as well as the Wellness Committee, while at cCARE.

Dr. James M. Sinclair | medical oncologis | cCARE, CA

Dr. James Sinclair

cCARE Medical Oncologist, Partner
cCARE Connects Secretary
Dr. Sinclair serves on the cCARE Connects board because he believes the best way to support patients through treatment is to help them maintain a great quality of life. This position allows him to oversee board decisions that involve fundraising and funds distribution to patients, families and staff.


Special Advisors

Donna Oreizi