Dr. Murphy Introduces New Brain Treatment to Help Patients with Opioid Addiction

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This noninvasive, drug-free brain treatment helps addicts stop “self-medicating”

cCare’s Dr. Kevin Murphy showcased his newly developed treatment, MindSET PrTMS, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The treatment uses magnetic titillation, which stimulates neurons to make them realign with the brain’s electrical rhythms, to improve symptoms of addiction. This drug-free treatment is also effective to treat chronic depression, anxiety, concussion, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, chronic pain and other neurocognitive conditions. Dr. Murphy says that the treatment period lasts for a couple of months, during which patients typically visit once or twice a day.

“When we treat patients on opioid addiction, we see a reduction in their [withdrawal] symptoms and many will stop. And many will stop medicating themselves. So a lot of it is a self-medication thing, and we see a lot of self-medication go down,” he says.

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