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cCARE is the largest full-service, private oncology and hematology practice in California. With offices in San Diego and Fresno, California, we offer extensive cancer treatments and other health services to care for you every step of your treatment journey.

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Cancer Screening & Diagnosis


Cancer screening is comprised of tests that detect cancer, or conditions that may evolve into cancer, before symptoms appear. Catching cancer early may mean it has not spread, increasing the chance of successful treatment.

Learn about cancer screening & diagnosis programs at cCARE.

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Cancer Treatment

At cCARE our skilled oncologists treat ALL types of cancers. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, we are here to help.

The following are cancer treatments proved by our practice.

Cancer Surgery

Cancer surgery involves performing surgery to treat cancerous cells and tissue by physically removing cancer cells and nearby tissue from the body.


Chemotherapy distributes chemicals into the patient designed to attack cancer cells. Learn how chemotherapy treatment is delivered, its benefits and possible side effects.

Hormone Therapy for Cancer

Hormone therapy is a type of treatment used to block or eliminate hormones from the body to slow or prevent the growth of certain types of cancer cells. Learn how hormone therapy is administered and the types of cancer that the therapy may treat.

Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment

Immunotherapy for cancer involves medications and treatments that boost and support the body’s immune system to attack and destroy cancer cells. This page discusses treatment methods, types of cancer treated by immunotherapy and side effects.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is a medical specialty addressing the needs of people living with a chronic illness such as some cases of cancer.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses high doses of radio energy to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Learn about the benefits and side effects of radiation therapy.

Stem Cell Transplantation

A stem cell transplant infuses healthy stem cells into a patient’s body to replace stem cells that have been damaged by disease, chemotherapy or radiation.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy is a form of chemotherapy that marks, or targets, certain traits of a cell and interferes with the cancerous properties in that trait. Learn more about risks and side effects.


Meet our skilled San Diego & Fresno oncologists

Our cancer doctors

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Cancer Support Services

We offer cancer clinical trials

In addition to having a staff of experts treating patients, we also conduct scientific research studies to gather data and be at the forefront of medical discovery.

Current cancer research

Physician dispensing services

As a service to our patients, we provide on-site medication dispensing for the oral chemotherapy medications we prescribe, as well as some other prescriptions related to our treatments.

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Find a support group for you

Living with cancer can be a challenge. If you or a loved one is in need of support, please reach out. We host regular group meetings at several of our locations.

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Health Services

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Complementary & Integrative Medicine

Complementary & integrative medicine helps manage cancer patients’ side effects from cancer treatment to improve physical and emotional health.

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Palliative care services

Palliative care is an integrative approach for patients facing life-limiting illnesses, like cancer, that focuses on enhancing each patient’s quality of life.





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Cancer clinical trials

cCARE is proud to offer numerous institutional-grade clinical trials for cancer patients. Clinical trials assess new drug or treatment effectiveness and provide cancer patients with the newest – and possibly most effective – forms of treatment.
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