About Our Cancer Center


California Cancer Associates for Research and Excellence (cCARE) is the largest full-service, private oncology and hematology practice in California.

With offices in San Diego and Fresno, California, we offer extensive services and care for every step of your cancer treatment, including oncology, chemotherapy, radiation oncology, infusion and imaging. cCARE’s research division offers a high number of clinical trials for qualifying patients.

We also provide pharmacy services at several locations so patients can get everything they need for their care on-site. cCARE also offers full treatment service for hematology patients with blood disorders, including gentle blood draws and quick and accurate lab work delivered in a supportive environment.

At cCARE we believe that cancer treatment is more than just medicine. It’s also about compassion, prevention, research and wellness. Even though cancer treatment requires medical intervention, it’s our belief that a strong will and a solid support group play a vital role in the healing process.

That’s why our expert team of board-certified oncologists, hematologists, nurses and other highly skilled cancer care professionals all work together and closely with our patients and their loved ones throughout the course of recovery. It’s this compassionate approach, combined with our state-of-the-art facilities, comfortable environment and commitment to implementing the most advanced treatment techniques available that help make us California’s premier cancer center.

Caring Physicians. Caring for People.

– Compassion. Prevention. Research. Wellness –

Mission: To provide quality and value in oncology care through a network of providers

who are focused on outcomes, research and personalized care.

Empowering our patients to be stronger than cancer

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Medical oncologists

At cCARE, we have 23 full-time medical oncologists who manage each of their cancer patient’s care plans, guiding treatments such as chemotherapy, medicine plans or other targeted therapies.

cCARE’s oncologists see patients through the entire course of treatment, from ranking a cancer’s stage and explaining a diagnosis to presenting care options and providing treatment. Your oncologist will also help manage cancer symptoms and side effects, providing compassionate and attentive care at every step of your treatment.

Additionally, our nursing team includes a higher-than-average number of certifications from the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS). cCARE nurses also average 15 years of experience delivering care and treatment plans for our patients.

Care beyond treatment: cCARE specializes in care for every step of your treatment journey, from advanced cancer treatments like those below to screening and support services.

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Cancer surgery

Cancer surgery treatment involves performing surgery to treat cancerous cells and tissue by physically removing them from the body. The most successful cancer treatments occur as soon as possible following diagnosis, particularly when the cancer is at an early stage. Surgery may also be used to diagnosis, stage or learn more about the cancer.

Common cancer surgery treatments include a mastectomy for breast cancer (surgical removal of the breast tissue), and for lung cancer a lobectomy (partial removal) or pneumonectomy (full removal) of the lung. Cancer surgery may be planned with different goals and intended outcomes. Some are for treating cancers while others are for diagnosing, determining the stage of the cancer, or providing palliative care.

Cancer Surgery at cCARE


Chemotherapy, also known as chemo, involves drugs that attack and kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy is not localized like surgery or radiation, meaning that it can work systematically throughout the body to treat cancer cells.

At cCARE, we use a closed system to deliver chemotherapy drugs to reduce unnecessary exposure while maintaining the highest sterility levels for our patients.

Chemo is used for a variety of cancer types and can be used to kill all cancer cells, slow and stop further growth of cancer cells and reduce cancer symptoms.

Chemotherapy at cCARE


Imaging methods not only detect cancer but help oncologists determine its stage and subsequent treatment plan. A diagnostic radiologist interprets imaging tests such as X-ray and computerized tomography (CT) scans and makes recommendations on treatment based on those images.

Radiation oncology

Treating cancer using radiation is known as radiation oncology. These therapies use high-energy radiation waves to target parts of the body with cancer cells. Radiation sessions are usually pain free and short, although they can require multiple visits and rounds of treatment.

Radiation Therapy at cCARE