Dr. Eisenberg Discusses PSA Prostate Cancer Screening with Healthline

Advanced prostate cancer cases are rising: Are PSA screening standards to blame?

Logo of the Healthline publication in which Dr. Steven Eisenberg talked about prostate cancer screening | cCARE | Fresno & San Diego CADr. Steven Eisenberg of cCARE shares his expertise on the use of PSA (prostate-specific antigen) testing when conducting prostate cancer screening. While early detection of this cancer by PSA testing can lead to to unnecessary treatment in certain circumstances, it is still a powerful tool in detecting early cases of the disease.

Dr. Eisenberg discussed why the pros of PSA testing outweigh the cons.

“There have been concerns of over-treatment of early stage prostate cancer,” he said. “However, when screening is diminished, we are catching fewer cases in the earliest stage. True, fewer early diagnosed cases would prevent over-treatment. However, a higher percentage of men would be expected to present in a more advanced stage.”


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