Dr. Ravi Rao Addresses With NYT an Increase in Advanced Cancers Amid Pandemic

Doctors warn advanced cancers are emerging, citing pandemic drop in screenings

Logo of The New York Times in which Dr. Ravi Rao discusses emerging advanced cancers | cCARE | Fresno & San Diego CADr. Ravi Rao of cCARE is among the many doctors who have noticed a decline in cancer screenings during the pandemic, resulting in a rise of advanced cancers. Lockdowns led to canceled appointments due to shuttered clinics, and the delay ultimately caused a steep decline in screenings.

Dr. Ravi Rao discusses the impact of the the delays on patients and their health.

“In my mind, telemedicine and cancer don’t travel together,” said Dr. Rao of the disadvantages of virtual visits. He added that seeing patients virtually rather than in person can lead to doctors missing important symptoms or recommending medication rather than telling people to come in for an exam. Patients may also downplay how sick they feel or fail to mention other issues.

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