A Family of Three Cancer Survivors

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Monique’s husband and mom were treated by Dr. Estrada, so when she got ovarian cancer, there was no question whom she would trust with her care.

I, Monique Downs, am writing this testimonial so people who find themselves or their loved ones with a cancer diagnosis will know about Dr. Estrada and how he saved mine and my husband’s lives.

Dr. Dexter Estrada has been my mother’s, my husband’s and my oncologist. My mom was the first of the three of us to meet him. She went to Dr. Estrada for low red and white blood cells.

By coincidence my husband was referred to him shortly after my mother by another doctor for throat cancer. My husband and I learned about him from my mom, who at her first appointment with him overheard him on the phone advocating for one of his patients. This telephone conversation along with his caring manner left my mom feeling convinced that she was in the best hands possible.

My husband and I together went to meet Dr. Estrada due to my husband’s throat cancer diagnosis. Dr. Estrada was optimistic that he could help my husband, even though he was at a Stage 3 diagnosis. He put my husband in touch with radiation oncologist Dr. Jedidiah Monson, who was in charge of his radiation while Dr. Estrada was in charge of his chemo treatment, which we believe saved my husband’s life.

This, needless to say, was the scariest time in our lives. Each time we saw Dr. Estrada he always made time to listen to our concerns and return phone calls when we had questions. His calm, peaceful manner gave us confidence when we would meet with him, and we always knew he deeply cared about not just my husband, but our entire family.

Little did I imagine that I too would come to have Dr. Estrada as my doctor.

Monique faces her own diagnosis and becomes a cancer survivor

During the time that my husband was cancer free but still recovering from his treatments, I found out I had two types of ovarian cancer. When my surgeon was in the middle of referring me to an oncologist that specialized in ovarian cancer, I stopped her and said that I would be going to Dr. Estrada.

There was no doubt in my mind because I knew that Dr. Estrada would do everything he could to help me. I had already seen how he had treated my mom, who is doing fine now, and my husband. Once I met with Dr. Estrada, he explained to me that my treatment would need to be very aggressive to make sure that any cancer cells were eradicated.

One time during my treatment I had an allergic reaction to the shot I had to have after chemo to increase my white blood count. He quickly put me on another medicine that I was okay with. Dr. Estrada carefully listens to his patients and responds with the appropriate treatment.

I, too, am cancer free and have Dr. Estrada to thank for everything.

Dr. Estrada has the reputation for being on top on what’s going on with his patients, and he is completely dedicated to helping them.

– Monique Downs, cCARE patient

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