cCARE Opens State-of-the-Art Cancer Center in Fresno

California Cancer Associates for Research and Excellence (cCARE) begins seeing patients in new 65,000-square-foot outpatient cancer center.

Fresno, CA, July 30, 2018. – California Cancer Associates for Research and Excellence (cCARE) is now seeing patients in the newly opened 65,000-square-foot outpatient cancer center that serves the Fresno and Central Valley community.

cCARE designed the facility with the best patient experience in mind, featuring on-site treatment options including chemotherapy and radiation, research and clinical trials, a physician dispensing program for oral oncology drugs, a high-complexity medical lab, and two PET (positron emission tomography) scanners. The facility caters to patients, families and visitors with the addition of a new café and free concierge coffee service for patients offered by Kuppa Joy Coffeehouse.

“We have been providing quality, compassionate care to the Central Valley for many years. This new facility is just another step in cCARE’s commitment to providing the best cancer care for our patients,” said Troy Simon, CEO of cCARE. “We are focused on the patient experience, and this new facility is designed to create a space that was wholly focused on the patient.”

The patient-focused design of this new facility demonstrates cCARE’s strengthened commitment to the Central Valley community. The treatment center, fully-funded by cCARE with no community funds, is an investment in the health and well-being of Fresno and Central Valley residents.

Located on the Saint Agnes Medical Center campus, the opening of cCARE’s new cancer center brings together two of Fresno’s most highly regarded healthcare operations.

“We are pleased to have participated in the development and opening of this advanced cancer center,” said Nancy Hollingsworth, CEO of Saint Agnes Medical Center. “We know this facility will provide valuable enhanced care to our Central Valley communities.”

cCARE’s new and improved Fresno facility is located at 7130 N. Millbrook Ave.

About cCARE

California Cancer Associates for Research and Excellence, cCARE, is the largest full-service private oncology practice in California. cCARE delivers the highest quality medical oncology, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, supplemented by a large research and clinical trials program. With 10 offices in the San Diego and Fresno areas, cCARE patients receive thorough, compassionate and convenient treatment, no matter where they call home. For more information visit