Physician Dispensing Services

Fill prescriptions on-site instead of making another trip

As a service to our patients, we are able to provide medication dispensing for oral chemotherapy medications we prescribe as well as some other prescriptions related to our treatments. We know how difficult it is to obtain some of these medications. Physician medication dispensing ensures that your medication is available to you as quickly as possible.

We also know how expensive these medications can be, and we want to save you as much time and frustration as possible.

The physician dispensing service is available to all cCARE patients. We dispense medications for chemotherapy and nausea, as well as steroids and other supportive care needs. The benefits of this service include:  

  • Quicker insurance authorization process
  • A close working relationship between the physician dispensary and the physician to answer questions
  • Reduced time and travel (get your medication at the same place you have your appointment)
  • The potential for reduced cost – we have financial counselors and grant coordinators on-site who can organize financial assistance.

Watch: Oral Cancer Drug Overview


Feel free to ask your doctor about physician dispensing during your next appointment.

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