Dr. Ravi Rao Tells Fox 11 Los Angeles of Campaign to Encourage Cancer Screenings

Millions of Americans skipped cancer screenings due to COVID-19

FOX 11 logo for story on Dr. Rao's interview on missed cancer screenings | cCARE | Fresno & San Diego, CAFOX 11 Los Angeles interviewed cCARE’s Dr. Ravi Rao on the major decline in 2020 in cancer screenings, diagnoses and treatment due to COVID-19. Dr. Rao shared information on the importance of screenings and the new campaign the Community Oncology Alliance and CancerCare have partnered to launch. Called Time To Screen, the campaign encourages people to take control of their health by getting back on track with recommended screenings.

According to the Community Oncology Alliance, which Dr. Rao is a board member of, there was an 85% decline in screenings for breast cancer and a 75% decline in colon cancer screenings due to COVID-19 in 2020. Detecting cancer early can save lives. If you delayed a recommended screening because of COVID-19, remember that it’s safer to get screened now than to wait.

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