Physician Family & Scienfinite Highlight cCARE’s Cancer Survivorship Care

Experts at cCARE shine a light of hope through cancer survivorship care


Logo for Physician Family Media featuring cCARE's Cancer Survivorship Care | cCARE | Fresno & San Diego, CAPhysician Family Media and Scienfinite contributed to raising awareness during National Cancer Survivor Month by highlighting cCARE’s Cancer Survivorship Care initiative. Cancer Survivorship Care is all about creating continuity of care that allows patients to find strength and direction in their renewed life by helping them transition from cancer patients to cancer survivors.

cCARE also offers resources to patients to join activities and support groups where they can meet other survivors and share their journeys.

“I wanted to find a way to make something positive from my experience with cancer and make the journey less scary for others,” says cancer survivor Susan Webster, whose nonprofit Pacific Cancer Fitness hosts guest speakers who cover topics related to cancer treatment and healthy lifestyle choices.

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