MOASC & Mammoth Times Feature Our Survivorship Care Initiative

cCARE supports and celebrates cancer survivors through Survivorship Care Initiative

Logo for MOASC, which featured cCARE's Survivorship Care initiative | cCARE | Fresno & San Diego, CA

The Medical Oncology Association of Southern California (MOASC) and the Mammoth Times shared cCARE’s Survivorship Care initiative as an opportunity to shine the light of hope on this disease. With ongoing advances in all areas of oncology care, more people are cancer survivors than ever before. But surviving is not the end.

cCARE’s Cancer Survivorship Care provides patients with valuable information on what to expect once they have been successfully treated for cancer. Experts at cCARE provide patients with a road map to help them understand what to expect when their primary cancer treatment is complete and how to move forward.




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