cCARE Partners With Paragon to Offer More Holistic Services


For cCARE patients: extended integrated health options with Paragon

Paragon Integrated Health logo
September 1, 2019. – We are excited to offer a new program in partnership with Paragon Integrated Health. Paragon offers evidence-based complementary practices in a wide variety of services – from acupuncture and therapeutic massage, to functional nutrition and therapeutic yoga.

At cCARE we believe that cancer treatment is more than just medicine. It’s also about compassion, prevention, research and wellness. In this unique partnership approach with Paragon, cCARE physicians collaborate with an elite team of alternative care professionals to deliver proven, evidence-based therapies that are individually tailored to each patient for maximum impact.

Paragon’s additional services support patients’ holistic needs to supplement medical cancer treatments, including caring for physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs. With the right balance of professional support, unparalleled care, and effective treatments – we know this program can complement active treatment and promote overall health and wellness.

For more information please visit, or contact [email protected] or call 858-208-0438.