cCARE Collaborates with Kuppa Joy in Fresno

California Cancer Associates for Research and Excellence (cCARE) partners with Kuppa Joy to add a café and coffee concierge service to their comprehensive cancer center.

Kuppa Joy Coffee at cCARE Fresno Cancer Center

Fresno, CA, February 11, 2019. – California Cancer Associates for Research and Excellence (cCARE) is now collaborating with California-based Kuppa Joy Coffee House to benefit cancer patients, family members, visitors and staff at the new comprehensive cCARE cancer center in Fresno. Kuppa Joy at cCARE serves as a stand-alone café for the facility. Kuppa Joy is also providing free coffee concierge services to all patients receiving treatment.

cCARE is dedicated to offering compassionate care every step of the way and that includes a simple cup of coffee. cCARE recognizes that patients, their family members and visitors are in cCARE facilities for taxing and emotional circumstances. Kuppa Joy’s new location at the cCARE Fresno center is an example of cCARE’s commitment to going above and beyond for their patients whenever possible.

Founded by retired professional football player Zack Follett and his wife, Chelsea, in 2012, Kuppa Joy Coffee House strives to provide an environment where people can connect with their community over a cup of coffee. Their inspiration and passion to spread a “cup of joy” will be a welcome addition to cCARE’s patient services. Kuppa Joy at cCARE will be open for all patients, family, visitors, doctors and staff to enjoy.

“You can get great coffee anywhere, but that one-on-one connection is something we crave and love so much. I think this location at cCARE is going to open up the door to do that more frequently and more intentionally,” said Kuppa Joy owner Chelsea Follett. “What better way to love on people than to provide them with something small when they are having a difficult day.”

Kuppa Joy at cCARE is a stand-alone café in the facility offering both coffee and food. The food is prepared at the coffee house main location in Clovis, which is also where they roast all of their coffees. Kuppa Joy offers their signature Kuppa Joy drink, which is a crème brulee-infused mocha. They also offer seasonal coffee flavors, cold brew coffee with sweetened condensed milk infused with coconut and the customer favorite Kuppa Krunch, which is a paleo, vegan, gluten-free granola.

cCARE exemplifies what Follet says is the goal of this partnership: “Loving people and loving our community.” This and other offerings at cCARE demonstrate the oncology and hematology group’s commitment to patients through extra services such as on-site physician dispensary.

Treating cancer is about more than just medicine. The physicians and staff at cCARE also believe it is about wellness and compassion. Kuppa Joy offers not only coffee but compassion and support through their faith-based company. cCARE believes that a strong will and a solid support group play a vital role in the healing process.

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